65+ yrs old

Meet Judy Peters, Sydney, NSW


Ages 65+

Financial Goals

  • Review Allocated Pension for cheaper fees
  • Review allocated pension for better investment
  • Review government aged pension allowance
  • Continue to travel between Brisbane and Sydney


Judy has been retired for 4 years after selling a successful retail shop.

She has a maturing investment bond of $135,000 and also has $35,000 in her savings account as well as holding a range of other assets.

She has an allocated pension which she draws $2000 per month from as income and also receives a government part pension.



What Centurion Financial Group did to help Judy achieve her goals:

  • Review Allocated Pension and saved client $1600 Per Annum in fees
  • Re-structured investment portfolio to a more conservative approach which better suited the clients risk tolerance to investment risk.
  • She wanted to have $5,000 in the bank for a little security for expenses and we invested the other $25,000 in a term deposit. This money is also easily accessible if need be.
  • Judy’s government aged pension payments increased by $18.50 per fortnight.

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What we can help you achieve

  • Tax  - Effective tax reduction structure
  • Your risk profile – We find the best investment solutions to suit
  • Mortgage and debt elimination – pay your mortgage off faster!
  • Superannuation - Performance review of your current superannuation
  • Investments – Tailored Specific Managed Funds
  • Insurance - Finding the best insurance cover & protection
  • Helping you to achieve your life style & retirement objectives as quickly as possible.




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