50-65 yrs old

David House, Adelaide, S.A


Ages 50-65

Financial Goals

  • Maximise Superannuation balance
  • Have a retirement plan strategy
  • Invest $100,000 inheritance


David is 56 years old and is a Business Development Manager for a Bank.

David owns his own house and has $300,000 in super and is starting to think about his retirement plans.


What Centurion Financial Group did to help David achieve his goals:

  • Saved client $2,200 in Super fees Per Annum
  • Recommended a transition to retirement pension
  • Increased superannuation contributions thru salary sacrifice & employer SGC
  • Increased balance of super fund before retirement by making a non-concessional contribution of $100,000 from David’s’ inheritance into his super, which will provide a tax free income in retirement.
  • Increased superannuation balance in the way of concessional and non- concessional contributions ($100,000 non-concessional and $25,000 employer super guarantee and salary sacrifice contributions)

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What we can help you achieve

  • Tax  - Effective tax reduction structure
  • Your risk profile – We find the best investment solutions to suit
  • Mortgage and debt elimination – pay your mortgage off faster!
  • Superannuation - Performance review of your current superannuation
  • Investments – Tailored Specific Managed Funds
  • Insurance - Finding the best insurance cover & protection
  • Helping you to achieve your life style & retirement objectives as quickly as possible.



 Start planning now

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